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    Henan million bell machinery manufacture co., LTD is with the international trade department of mechanical design and research institute. Based on our development of environmental protection. Now complete set beet sugar production line. Several sugar well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Analysis of the advantages of equipment structure and combined with green environmental protection idea. By the expert group fully demonstrated many times. Shred from wash to beet sugar beet, permeability of sugar extraction. Detoxification. Decoloring technology reached advanced level at home and abroad such as.. Commonly used slicer PingPanShi and centrifugal, PingPanShi slicer is made up of vertical shaft and rotating cutter. Wire cutter knife boxes are embedded in the knife dish on the outer ring, disc is mounted the central spindle and gear cover and cover cap, knife edge is equipped with the sleeve and cover cap form annular space, filling the beet column. A narrow passage in the upper portion of the knife frame of cutting board, when the knife rotating beet was clamped to shred knife and cut into julienne oozy zhi preparation and extracted sugar beet slices according to the process of seepage and seepage juice, sugar solution is cabbage after extraction of sugar called pulp. Leakage requirements to a certain amount of water in the maximum limit to pick up the sugar in the pulp, rather than try to keep sugar in the pulp. Seepage process is to be prepared in accordance with the need to join the sterilizing agent and defoaming agent, in order to maintain normal operation, the sugar beet is especially important when processing frozen. In waste pulp after squeeze dewatering seepage device for water pressure pulp and pulp. Pressure meal after dealing with the necessary recycled water to seep in. Wet meal of dry solid minerals (about 6-7%) of about 90% of the amount of sugar beet processing, ion exchange technology is mainly used in: (1) desalination, with H + type cation exchange resin and OH - type anion exchange resin remove salt in the sugar juice. (2) the decalcified, used for processing thin juice, sugar juice into sodium salt, calcium salt in order to reduce and avoid the evaporation tank, heater walls scaling. (3) to take off the potassium, sodium, potassium that exist in the syrup, sodium ions can interfere with crystal sugar, increase the sugar in the honey. Magnesium ion exchange resin will be available potassium, sodium to take off. (4) decoloring, using ion exchange resin has the effect of adsorption of pigment decolorization sugar juice. (5) transformation, under the effect of H + ions to sugar into glucose and fructose, some or all of the conversion of liquid sugar. Pack to crystallization. The integration of engineering. The company is responsible for free installation commissioning. Training technical personnel. Try out 3 packets. The guaranteed repair, replacement. Return. Life with all services free dimension


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